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Yneed is known for its wigs, as Human Hair Wigs, Synthetic Wigs, Comfortable Lace Wigs, African American Wigs, Celebrity Wigs and Hair Extensions & Hairpieces are available on the site, filled with new products any glamour girl would love.

Color Guide
Although we have provided the wigs color chart for your reference, it's still a little hard to figure out a perfect match to your own hair color just by judging the picture on screen. We suggest you to pick the color which you think will be a close match (either slightly light or dark) and try blending it with your own hair. This will give a more natural look, a unique variation and more depth and dimension to your own hair.

Determine Face Shape & Flattering Wig Styles
Wigs and hairpieces should compliment the shape of your face. If you not sure about which wig style will be most flattering on you, use the following suggestions as a guide to find a wig that works with your face shape. At yneed.co.uk, we discuss seven different face shapes, diamond, heart, oblong, oval, pear, round, and square, and what wig styles are most appropriate for those face shapes.
To determine your face shape, look into a mirror and pull your hair back. Compare your face shape to our illustrations.

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