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-Adress : No.12, Changsheng Road, Lianghui Economic Development Zone, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China

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-Website : http://www.hanzpro.net/

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Ningbo Hanchi Metal Product Co.,Ltd. has got more than 15 years OEM experience in cooperation with furniture, kitchen, and cooking company from Germany, Swiss, Denmark, Sweden and U.S.A, also with working 3C electronic customer to produce anodized Alu part , The plant occupy 30000 square meters.

We focus on high quality metal product with premium surface and tight tolerance. The tooling and jig, punching, digital folding, tube bending, welding, mirror polishing, CNC machining, chrome plating, anodization are all processed inside our own plant to ensure quality and delivery time. Our plant is skilled at mirror polishing and brushed surface, and also welding such as stainless tig welding, brass welding and alu welding, and also have got our own chrome-plating, anodization production line.

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